Helpful Hints

10 Step Recap

 If you’re tackling what we see as one of the HARDEST decisions in the decor process, here’s a 10 Step Recap to help eliminate Painter’s Regret:

1. Pick a general color

2. Narrow down that color to 10 or less actual paint colors using paint chips or a color deck. Search Pinterest or Google Image for photos of these paint colors being used in other people’s spaces. *Note these may be slightly inaccurate because of photography light, but can provide a general sense of the color in order to move on to Tip #3.

3. Get sample sizes for every  ”finalist” color

4. Paint samples on the wall next to key design elements in the room

5. Make sure the existing color isn’t influencing your decision, cover that old color up the best that you can.

6. Assess the colors at all hours of the day and night to ensure you love the color in all different shades of light.

7. Pick a winning color in the right sheen.  I can suggest the sheen that will be perfect for that area.

8. I'll color match this exact color using the paint brand you love to work with. (Pretty much any paint store or large hardware retailer can “color-match” any paint color to your preferred brand.)

9. Hire Burke Painting to paint your home and LOVE the new look.

10. If you do your “homework” before painting, you will be much more likely to L-O-V-E the new look and won’t fall victim to painter’s regret.